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K-12 Multiracial Registration Form 

Novato Unified School District is a school system with the country’s most inclusive, accurate and progressive terminology for multiracial children. Novato is in California, which mandates 18 categories and is not necessarily what is required in your state, county, or district. This is the important wording under the race question: Answer the following by marking one or more boxes to indicate your child’s race. If your child is multiracial, you may select two or more races.

Sample Multiracial Sensitive K-12 School Registration Form- Novato Unified School – (English)

Here is some of the key text from the School Registration Form:

WHAT IS YOUR CHILD’S RACE?  The question above is about ethnicity, not race. No matter what you selected above, please
continue to answer the following by marking one or more boxes to indicate your child’s race. If your child is multiracial, you
may select two or more races.

  • ‰ American Indian or Alaskan Native(100) (Persons having origins in any of the original people of North, Central or South America )
  • ‰ Chinese (201)
  • ‰ Japanese (202)
  • ‰ Korean (203)
  • ‰ Vietnamese (204)
  • ‰ Asian Indian (205)
  • ‰ Laotian (206)
  • ‰ Cambodian (207)
  • ‰ Hmong (208)
  • ‰ Other Asian (299)
  • ‰ Hawaiian (301)
  • ‰ Guamanian (302)
  • ‰ Samoan (303)
  • ‰ Tahitian (304)
  • ‰ Other Pacific Islander (399)
  • ‰ Filipino/Filipino American (400)
  • ‰ African American or Black (600)
  • ‰ White  (700) (Persons having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, North Africa, Northwestern Asia or the Middle East)

Sample Multiracial Sensitive Form- Novato Unified School Registration Form – (Spanish)

Here is some of the key demographic identification text from the Spanish language School Registration Form:

 ¿CUÁL ES LA RAZA DE SU HIJO O HIJA?    (Por favor no marque más de cinco opciones)
La parte de la pregunta que aparece arriba es sobre etnicidad, no sobre raza. Independientemente de la opción que elija, favor de continuar respondiendo lo que sigue, marcando uno o más de los cuadritos, para indicar la que considera que es su raza.

  • ‰Indígena americano o nativo de Alaska (100)  (Personas cuyo origen es de los pueblos nativos de Norte, Centro o Sudamérica)
  • ‰ Chino (201)
  • ‰ Japonés (202)
  • ‰ Coreano (203)
  • ‰ Vietnamita (204)
  • ‰ Indio de Asia (205)
  • ‰ Laos (206)
  • ‰ Camboyano (207)
  • ‰ Hmong (208)
  • ‰ Otro asiático (299)
  • ‰ Hawaiano (301)
  • ‰ Guamés (302)
  • ‰ Samoa (303)
  • ‰ Tahitiano (304)
  • ‰ Otro grupo de las Islas del Pacífico (399)
  • ‰ Filipino/Filipino Americano (400)
  • ‰ Afroestadunidense o negro (600)
  • ‰ Blanco (700) (Personas cuyo origen es de los  pueblos nativos de Europa, Norte de África o el Medio Oriente)


Higher Education Registration Form –  Multiracial Demographic Questions

As of 2011 most colleges use the following format for multi-ethnic sensitive school registration forms:

Sample Multiracial sensitive demographic question on registration Form- Used By Most Colleges

1.  Are you Hispanic/Latino?
 Yes, Hispanic or Latino (including Spain)   No
2.  Regardless of your answer to the prior question, please indicate how you identify
yourself. (Check all that apply.)
 American Indian or Alaska Native (including all Original Peoples of the Americas)
Are you Enrolled?   Yes   No  If yes, please enter Tribal Enrollment Number________________
 Asian (including Indian subcontinent and Philippines)
 Black or African American (including Africa and Caribbean)
 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Original Peoples)
 White (including Middle Eastern)


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