Project RACE Kids: Have you seen these twins?

I saw a post about these awesome twins on facebook. I Looked at the article and thought all of you at Project RACE might like to see it too. Being a twin would be really fun and interesting. But these twins are even more interesting than most. Genetics are so cool. They must have inherited different genes from their grandparents and parents. I’d like to say I know something about genetics because I did my Science Fair project last year on genetics of hybrid felines. But I definitely want to study more about genetics.         – Karson

Kian and Remee, who were born a minute apart, just turned 7, and even though they are twins they have completely different skin colors. They are now closer than ever, and their unique appearance is the result of pure genetics. Thei mother Kylee Hodgson and father Remi Horder both have white mothers and black fathers.

Big reports:

Kylee, now 25, recalls the moment she saw them for the first time: ‘I noticed that both of them had beautiful blue eyes,’ she said.

‘But while Remee’s hair was blonde, Kian’s was black and she had darker skin. To me, they were my kids and they were just normal. I thought they would start to look the same as time went on.’

Time, however, only accentuated their differences. Kian’s eyes changed colour and her skin got darker. Remee’s complexion got lighter and her curly hair stayed blonde. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kylee found herself fielding questions about whose children they were, or who Kian’s fair-haired friend was, when she pushed them in their side-by-side buggy.