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Well I had no idea, when I chose Logic as the focus of my Famous Friday feature last week that he’d be making us proud and making big headlines at the Grammy’s just two days later. Did you see it? The Grio said Logic’s inspiring speech toward the end of the broadcast supporting social justice, women, and marginalized countries was the “icing on the cake” of an incredible Grammy night and I agree.

After performing an important rap about suicide awareness, Logic delivered a surprise speech about unity and the value and strength of women, and reassured immigrants that had been insulted by Trump saying, “You are not “$h1th0l@s1”.

Here is an excerpt: “Stand and fight for those who are not weak but have yet to discover the strength that the evil of this world has done its best to conceal. To all the beautiful countries filled with culture, diversity, and thousands of years of history—you are not $hith0les. And lastly, on behalf of those who fight for equality in a world that is not equal, not just, and not ready for the change we are here to bring I say unto you, bring us your tired, your poor, and any immigrant who seeks refuge, for together we can build not just a better country, but a world that is destined to be united.”

We love Logic’s attitude about diversity, inclusion and love. When he was interviewed after the show, Logic told the press what we at Project RACE already knew, saying, “I know I look white as hell, but my father is Black and my mother is white. It is what it is and I’m proud of who I am.” We love his attitude about embracing his own multiracial identity as well.
The Washington Post said this was one of the most political moments at the Grammys. But Logic said he is not trying to get involved in politics, “I didn’t want to stir anything up. I just wanted to tell the truth. We are all beautiful.”

Thanks, Logic. You make a lot of sense.

– Karson Baldwin, Project RACE Teens President

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It’s Famous Friday!

Famous Friday: LOGIC

Logic 2

Happy Birthday, Logic! The rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer whose birth name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II turned 28 this week.

Logic was born to a black father, Robert Bryson Hall, and a white mother and raised in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He had a very difficult and violent upbringing as both of his parents struggled with substance abuse and several of his seven siblings sold drugs. Logic says all his siblings are also multiracial, but he appears “the most white”. He was expelled from high school during his sophomore year and experimented with marijuana for a few years. His life was headed down a dangerous path.

Thankfully, Logic developed an interest in music as a young teenager and that gave his life direction and purpose. He says his inspiration to become a musician was the soundtrack from the movie Kill Bill.  He officially began his musical career in early 2009 and made his first mixtape in 2010.

He named his fourth mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, as interestingly he says Frank Sinatra is another one of his inspirations. As a child, his mom made shared old black and white movies with him, which inspired his love for Sinatra. Logic says what he learned from watching Sinatra helped him learn to carry and articulate himself the way he does. He says that Sinatra “showcased peace, love, grace, positivity, honor, and valor”. The success of that Young Sinatra mixtape allowed Logic to earn a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings. His debut studio album Under Pressure came out the year after Young Sinatra and debuted at number four on the U.S. Billboard 200, eventually becoming certified gold. Logic’s third studio album Everybody (2017) debuted at number one in the U.S., and included his first international top 10 single, “1-800-273-8255”, which reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

Early in his career, he ran in to some resistance to his messages about his young life and the impact of race.

“It’s always somebody that’s like, ‘Oh, what’s it like being a white rapper?’ ” he says. “And then I have to explain to them, like, no, I’m actually black and white. I’m biracial. Just so you know. Let’s move on.”

Logic and his musician wife Jess Andrea Logic are happily married for about two years now and live in Los Angeles. Logic also has a great YouTube channel where he posts videos about his favorite video games.


-Karson Baldwin, Project RACE Teens Co-President

Famous Friday!

Rapper Logic


Sir Robert Bryson Hall II is now known by his stage name Logic. Logic is a twenty seven year old American rapper, singer, song writer, and record producer.  He grew up in poverty in suburban Maryland and was raised by his black father who was addicted to drugs and his white mother who threw racial slurs around. Logic was the youngest of eight children and according to him; he was the sibling that looked most white. His title track Everybody confronts the identity challenges that he experienced growing up. Logic also promotes racial equality, while interweaving his personal encounters with racism. He was often called “cracker” or “white boy” growing up. “People are so ignorant, and they’ll be like, “oh he’s white or he’s this,’ and so they’ll judge my music based on my ethnicity”, Logic said. “But if you’re gunna judge my music based on my ethnicity, which is really ignorant in the first place, then compare me to Drake, compare me to J. Cole, who both have white mothers and black fathers. It goes on and on, but at the end of the day it’s not about that, it’s about the music, and music knows no color.” Logic overcame homelessness by working multiple jobs and supporting himself for several years. He was able to find his identity through music.

Makensie Shay McDaniel

Project RACE Teens President

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