Famous Friday!

FAMOUS FRIDAY – Svante Myrick #winning!
Michael Jordan has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated 50 times!

The Beatles have been on the cover of Rolling Stone 30 times!

Richard Nixon was on the cover of Time Magazine 55 times!

Since O Magazine started 15 years ago, Oprah has appeared on the cover of EVERY issue!

So even though I wrote a Famous Friday piece on the 28 year old mayor of Ithaca, New York a few months back, I hope no one will mind if I use this Famous Friday post to celebrate the landslide reelection victory this week of one of my multiracial heroes, Svante Myrick!

The term “landslide election” is used to describe an overwhelming political victory, generally when a candidate beats his opponent by at least 15 percent. So a landslide would occur when the winner in a 2-way election receives 58 percent of the vote. Well this multiracial role model won reelection with an incredible 89 percent of the vote! #winning

Svante, first elected at 24, is known for being one of the youngest mayors. But with those reelection results, he is clearly also known for being a really good one! Many people have even compared Svante to multiracial, President Barack Obama. He is definitely an up and coming rock star in the Democratic Party and some think he will be asked to speak at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which is one of the ways our current President gained national attention.  I will definitely be watching as his career continues and before he retires, he may be on the Project RACE site more times than Michael Jordan’s been on the cover of SI!

– Karson Baldwin, President Project RACE Kids
— Never too young to serve!
PHOTO CREDIT: ithacavoice.com