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Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter

The original television Wonder Woman and former Miss World USA is multiracial. Linda was born to a Mexican-American mother and a father of English and Scots-Irish ancestry. Lynda is an American actress, singer, song writer, and model. Lynda landed the starring role on Wonder Woman in 1975 and her acting career took off. She signed a Maybelline cosmetics contract in 1977. She was voted the Most Beautiful Woman in the World in 1978. Lynda has been married twice and has two children. In 1985 she left Hollywood to be with her new husband in Washington D.C. for several years. Lynda is a huge supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Pro-Choice rights for women, and legal equality for LGBT people. Lynda stated in an interview with Hollywood that some of her best memories were in Globe, Arizona with her Spanish family. She remembers her grandmother would make her a big stack of tortillas and they would make menudo together and it was about eating. Her father did not speak Spanish, but her mother’s family did and she pretty much understood everything. Lynda reported in the interview that over her lifetime she has felt reverse discrimination at times. People did not view her as Hispanic because her last name was Carter. They thought she did not look Hispanic enough due to her skin not being dark enough. She feels people are surprised when they learn she is half Latina. Lynda has always spoken very proudly of her entire heritage.

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Kat Graham

Kat Graham

Katerina Graham, famously known as Kat Graham, was born on September 5, 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. Her father is Americo-Liberian and her mother is Jewish. After her birth in Switzerland, her family moved to California. Thanks to her diverse ethnic background, she is able to speak four different languages.

Kat is not only a very talented actress, but also a singer, model and dancer. She is best known for acting in the hit television show ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ and also for doing a feature with the pop sensation Kat Graham is also a great role model when it comes to important issues that we still encounter today, like equal rights. “Anyone who knows me know what I’m about – how much I’m into empowerment, equal rights, and everyone just loving themselves.” You will often find Kat Graham making statements like that one. This doesn’t just make her a great human being, but it makes her a great role model for the Multiracial community as well. She often vocalizes her experience with encountering racially prejudiced individuals. Kat doesn’t deny that these experiences are hard to deal with, but she will not let it stop her from living her life. Overall Kat Graham is a beautiful, inspiring Multiracial woman, who always encourages independence, individuality and self love.

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