New Project RACE Teens President Appointed

Project RACE Teens President
Tommy McManus

On behalf of the Project RACE Advisory Board, I have the honor of introducing Tommy McManus as the next president of Project RACE Teens! Tommy, who has served as a PRT National Panelist, will be PRT’s sixth president since the youth arm of the Project RACE organization was founded in 1999. We want to thank Olivia Mukendi for her time of service and wish her well as she steps down to prepare for college.

As a former Project RACE Teen President I am delighted that my first duty as a newly-appointed member of the Project RACE Advisory Board was to help select our new Project RACE Teens President. As we considered the applicants, Tommy really stood out as the clear choice.

Tommy is a rising junior at Delbarton School in Morristown, NJ who comes from a family with a long-standing commitment to service. He has done incredible things at his young age to make a difference and display compassion for others. At only 12 years old, Tommy shaved his head to stand in solidarity with a friend who was undergoing chemotherapy in his battle against leukemia. As he grew up, his interest in supporting others continued to broaden. He was selected as a Regional Envoy for Teen2Teen RISE, an international youth run non profit responsible for numerous projects to aid teens impacted by natural disasters or poverty in the United States and around the world. With projects across the US, in Haiti, Honduras, the Bahamas and more, Tommy and the other envoys have had a tremendous impact.

A natural athlete and a huge sports fan, Tommy is not only a member of his school’s baseball team but also a pitcher and short stop on the Basking Ridge Babe Ruth All Stars 15U team that just this summer won the New Jersey State Championship. He is also manager of Delbarton’s varsity basketball team. He is an excellent student and he loves to read.

As you can see, he is an accomplished young man with a demonstrated heart to serve. There was, however, one issue to consider in choosing Tommy as PRT President. He will be our first non-multiracial president! After a very brief discussion among the Advisory Board, we agreed that it would (as one board member put it) “fly in the face of all that we stand for” to discriminate against a well-qualified applicant because they are not multiracial. Furthermore, I am of the conviction that significant progress in civil rights can never be achieved when members of the group that is being discriminated against are the only ones in the battle. Real change happens when people who are not a member of that group see the injustice and care enough to advocate for others. Tommy has multiracial relatives and multiracial friends. He knows that you do not have to be multiracial to know that we deserve equality and respect and he is willing to work toward that end for the good of others and the good of our world. We think that is awesome!

Congratulations, Tommy and welcome to the Project RACE team!

Kendall Baldwin
Project RACE Advisory Board
Former President of Project RACE Teens


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  1. kbaldwin says:

    Welcome, Tommy! Delighted to have you on board.

  2. Tommy M says:

    Thank you so much!!! It is such an honor to have been chosen from this talented field of applicants. I cannot wait to get started and help Project RACE Teens in anyway I can.

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