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Well, so far I’m having a great time leading Project RACE Kids! I already got to do a radio show, which was pretty cool and to help with our launch party, which was awesome. And now, I get to review some books that we think are great for multiracial kids!

Cherrye S. Vasquez is an author and the mom of a multiracial kid like me! She sent me three books to review. Two of them are workbooks that you can fill out, Affirmation Daybook and Diversity Daybook. Teachers can use these with their class, or parents can go through them with their kids and talk about it during family time. I liked them both! Even though they are workbooks you don’t feel like you’re doing homework when you do them. They are actually really fun and they are easy because you are mostly writing about yourself, your goals and what makes you special. Sometimes kids get discouraged about little things, but answering these questions gets you thinking about what’s awesome about you on the inside and the outside. It makes you feel really happy and reminds you that you can do something great.

The other book she sent is, No Tildes on Tuesday, a chapter book about a multiracial girl named Isabella. Isabella’s dad is Mexican and her mom is white. She lives in a mostly white neighborhood and doesn’t speak Spanish or know a lot about the Mexican side of her heritage. But everything changes for her when her family moves to an area where there are mostly Hispanic people. I wanted Isabella to feel like I do about being multiracial, that it doesn’t stop me from fitting in, it helps me fit in! So, I was really happy for Isabella when she began to learn about and love both sides of who she is.


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  1. Angela Lam says:

    It’s great to see multicultural books getting reviewed and promoted! With 5.2 million multiracial Americans (and half of them teens), we need to see ourselves reflected in our culture.

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