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Nurturing Grandchildren: Black, White & In-between

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It’s a brand new year, and I am more excited than ever to become a grandmother for the very first time! Being new to the grandparenting gig, I’m both excited and nervous at the same time. My grandson is scheduled to arrive via stork on March 4th, and I’m spending time reading up on the joys and challenges of having a grandchild, and a bicultural one to boot.

When our esteemed founder, Susan Graham, suggested I read and review the book Nurturing Grandchildren: Black, White & In-between, I was only too happy to comply. The author, Jean Moule, is a true expert in the area. A professor with a doctorate, she currently teaches at Oregon State University. I read in the book that her most popular class is “Racial and Cultural Harmony.” Perfect! Making her insights even more perfect (is that possible?) is the fact that she is a black woman married to a white man, and has three children and six grandchildren who are multiracial.

I enjoyed the format she chose for her book. Each chapter is divided into four sections: Ms. Moule’s original watercolor artwork, a letter from a person she knows well, columns she wrote for a multicultural magazine, and excerpts from her academic work on biracial children and families. It works very well to speak to all readers, black, white & in-between.

Within the book is a great history lesson of race relations she experienced over her own lifetime. She describes her childhood and young adult life experiences, as well as those of her own biracial children. She mentions the positive census form changes, which fits in nicely with the Project Race mission, including being committed to the appropriate inclusion of multiracial people on any forms that require racial identification.

The book addresses very well the decisions and explorations of racial identity that a multicultural person faces during childhood and beyond. Information based on personal experiences as well as professional study is provided. But the thing I liked best about the book is that it could be about nurturing any child, regardless of color. Her opinion is that every child who is encouraged, loved and free to make choices without judgment is most often going to thrive and will eventually create a perfect and unique identity . Ms. Moule’s descriptions of her nurturing presence as a parent and grandparent, the family’s wonderful cousins camp and together time, and professional explanations about cultural differences makes this a great read.

Finally, I liked the fact that she provided additional reading resources about being multiracial. I plan to continue to read up so that I, too, can be a nurturing grandmother.

Patti Barry
Project Race Grandparents–between/dp/1517758521

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