Multiethnic Beauty Consumers on the Rise

As the ethnic makeup of the U.S. consumer continues to become more multiracial, cosmetics companies are looking to address a more nuanced audience. This past year, brands like Dior, L’Oréal Paris and Burberry Beauty have expanded their shade offerings to meet increasing demand for a spectrum of skin tones. In addition, retailers like Target Corp. have risen to the challenge, stocking their shelves with ethnically oriented indie brands once relegated to the salon channel.


2 Responses to “Multiethnic Beauty Consumers on the Rise”
  1. kendall says:

    good to hear. I guess if everyone had a financial interest in including multiracial people we'd find progress would come far more rapidly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I once shopped at a K-Mart in my neighborhood specifically for ethnic hair products for my biracial daughter. I was told they are no longer being sold there, because of the “kinds of people who come in to buy them.” Needless to say, K-Mart did not benefit from my hard-earned dollars anymore.

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