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Teen Project RACE founder registers as donor with National Marrow Donor Program

Ryan Graham, founder of  Teen Project RACE (TPR), was too young to become a bone marrow donor when he started this organization. You must be over the age of 18 to join the registry. The busy years of college and then joining the work world made registering something he would do when he came across a donor drive.

Teen Project RACE Founder, Ryan Graham registers as Bone Marrow Donor

Ryan Graham, Founder Teen Project RACE

Ryan is now old enough to be a bone marrow donor. So on July 24, 2009 while visiting his mom, (Project RACE founder, Susan Graham) they were at the famous Gilroy Garlic Festival and there it was: a bone marrow donor drive!

The drive was held by Be The Match. We would like to commend this organization for holding the drive and for including this on their flyer:

*Ethnically diverse people are critically needed in the marrow donor registry.*

There is a critical shortage of multiracial bone marrow donors in the registry. Joining the registry is easy; you complete a short health questionnaire, sign a form that you understand what it means to be listed in the registry, and then a small swab of cheek cells is taken to find your tissue type. That’s it. It’s never too late to join the registry. You do not have to wait for a donor drive—a kit can be mailed to you through Be The Match.