Fact Sheet

The Health Status of Multiracial Americans


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There is a total lack of information about health risks and trends in public health statistics for the multiracial population.

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Self-identification is extremely important for multiracial children and adults. Health personnel should never assume a race or ethnicity for any patient.

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Every public or private entity that collects racial data must begin capturing the data for the multiracial population, including hospitals, community medical facilities, doctors, the FDA, National Institutes of Health, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

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In the United States, multiracial Americans are often classified as one race at birth and another at death.

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The non-inclusion of multiracial people in clinical trials by every pharmaceutical manufacturer in the U.S. puts multiracial people at risk for drug overdosing and under-dosing every day.

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The United States Food and Drug Administration has not acted on the critical need for the inclusion of multiracial people in clinical trials.

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There is a shortage of bone marrow donors for the multiracial population. Cord blood donation for public use needs awareness and funding to help save lives.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services can tell us nothing about health risks or trends in public health statistics for multiracial children and adults, although they have studied every other racial and ethnic group.


The health care system in the United States has rendered the multiracial population “invisible.”


We desperately need accurate classification for multiracial children and adults.


Multiracial Americans deserve equality in the local healthcare system and safe medical care in this country.

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