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Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin was born on March 16, 1989, to Tommy and Gail Griffin. That makes him 26 years old. He currently stands at 6’10” and is a power forward for the Los Angeles Clippers.

During his high school basketball career, under the coaching of his father, he led his team to 4 state titles. He then went on to play college basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners. After that he was chosen as the first overall NBA draft pick for the 2009 year. What an honor! During his career in the NBA he’s won the SlamDunk contest and also been named An NBA all-star five times!

Blake Griffin has one son, whose name is Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin. He also created a charity “Dunking for Dollars.” For every dunk Blake Griffin gets during the season he donates $100 to childhood obesity. One of my favorite Blake Griffin quotes is “People can’t measure the amount of heart you have and how much you’re willing to fight for something.” I think these words are great to remember for Project RACE’s passion to classify multiracial people as well as making a difference in the world of multiracial people.

Lexi Brock

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