Multiracial Heritage Week




  1. You must be a resident of the state.
  2. Proclamations are only good for ONE year. Even if you received one last year, we need a new one this year.
  3. Proclamations must be received by Project RACE by JUNE 1.
  4. Most states require one month lead time to issue a proclamation.


  1. Fill out the Proclamation Submission Form
  2. You will receive your customized letter and sample proclamation within a few weeks.
  3. Sign the letter and mail to your governor or mayor with “Proclamation Request” on the envelope.


If you have been contacted about the proclamation, please let us know. When you receive a proclamation, send the original or a good color copy or scan to:

Project RACE
P.O. Box 2366
Los Banos, CA 93635

You can contact us anytime at with questions and/or comments.

Thank you for being an advocate for Multiracial Americans!


Since its inception in 2014, we have received state proclamations from Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Washington, DC. This year we also reached out to city mayors in addition to states. We held numerous celebrations and special events for the children throughout the United States because, at Project RACE, it’s about the kids! We gave them “skin tones of the world” multicultural crayons with paper plates to draw their own faces, also librarians and Project RACE members read them multiculturally-themed stories.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Multiracial Heritage Week a success again this year!

MHW Collage 2017

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A Lesson

Hate is Taught

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Happy Holidays from your friends at Project RACE!

Now you can purchase a stylish and wonderful gift for a special someone in your life, while also supporting Project RACE!  We could not be more excited to become a part of the BE BRAVE campaign by offering you chance to order a unique piece of quality jewelry through Bravelets!  Order through our page on the Bravelets site, and a percentage of the sale will be donated to Project RACE!

But if you think that’s great, because we think this is such a great message to share with your friends and family, we are able to offer a special 10% off promotional coupon on your order!  Just enter the coupon code PROJECTRACE10 during checkout for the additional savings!

Get your BE BRAVE bracelet today and BE PROUD to be multiracial!


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New Video to Celebrate Multiracial Heritage Week!

Check out the new video about Multiracial Heritage Week below!

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Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down Report

November and December 2015
Making a Difference thumbs up
The inclusion of “multiracial” on forms will be reflected beginning in the third quarter of 2016
 Making a Difference quetion mark
In talks
Making a Difference thumbs down
Ryan Dowski of AARP wrote to us, “Unfortunately, due to other existing relationships and contractual obligations, at this point we cannot accommodate your inquiry.”
American Federation of Teachers
Making a Difference quetion mark
Will be on the agenda for the board in the next 60 days
Bath and Body Works
Making a Difference thumbs up
Multiracial on customer surveys. Thank you!
TED Talks Speaker Mellody Hobson
Making a Difference thumbs down
Ms. Hobson gave a TED Talks speech encouraging people to talk about race. When we tried to contact her about the fact that her speech did not include multiracial people, she was too busy to talk about race or set up a time to speak with us. Hobson has a multiracial child and is married to former filmmaker, George Lucas. She is also CEO of Ariel Investments. Apparently, Ms. Hobson can talk the talk but not walk the walk.
Be the Match
Making a Difference thumbs up
Working on updating material to include multiracial individuals. Big thanks to Kim Allen for her work on this issue.
Diversity Resources
Making a Difference thumbs down
This is a diversity training company that does not include the multiracial community in its own resources and programs!
Family Circle Magazine
Making a Difference thumbs up
Thumbs UP for including a positive story about interracial families in the January, 2016 issue.
General Motors
Making a Difference thumbs down
No response to repeated requests.
Making a Difference quetion mark
Waiting for response.
CTA-California’s Valued Trust
Making a Difference quetion mark
Requested that multiracial be added to their member forms. Waiting for response.
U. S. Census Bureau
Making a Difference thumbs down
Refuses to use the respectful term “multiracial,” no thanks to Bureau Chief John H. Thompson and statistician Bev Pratt.

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Happy Holidays!




Project RACE will be closed from December 14, 2015 to January 4, 2016. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and thank you for your support in past years!


Susan Graham

Project RACE, Inc.

Project RACE Kids

Project RACE Teens

Project RACE Grandparents

The Project RACE Advisory Board

The Project RACE Board of Directors 







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Important Medical Monday!


San Jose 5K

Over the weekend my son Ryan and I went to San Jose, California to be part of a BE THE MATCH 5K walk/run. We represented Project RACE as partners with BE THE MATCH, which is the national organization trying to match patients who have blood diseases with volunteer bone marrow donors.

Having a bone marrow transplant from an unrelated donor is usually the last chance for many patients. Yes, without one, they will die. Finding a related donor is best, but even that does not completely tip the scales to save a patient. These are some of the things we did:


  • Talked with people. We were reminded of our earlier bone marrow donor drives and how far medicine and awareness has taken us over the past 25 years;
  • We listened. We remembered the unbelievable bond that is established by becoming a donor. We heard about a 14-year-old boy who had his transplant when he was a year old.
  • We applauded the man who was celebrating his own birthday and his one year birthday—a year to the day since he had his bone marrow transplant.
  • We were reminded of how often multiracial patients are stuck waiting because they need a donor who is the same race and/or ethnicity, and how we try so hard to enlarge the pool of multiracial donors.
  • We learned that anyone between the ages of 18 and 44 can sign up to become a possible donor.


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Project RACE is a National Organization

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Meet our Presidents

Makensie McDaniel