Bone Marrow Drive

On May 20th, Teen Project RACE teamed up with the Central New Jersey Church of Christ to hold a bone marrow drive in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The goal of the drive was to increase the number of bone marrow donors on the national registry for the many people like Krystle Delgado Felton, a young woman with leukemia who is in dire need of a bone marrow transplant. Between attaining supplies, rounding up volunteers, and finding a date and location to hold the drive, it was with perseverance that everything came together in the nick of time. With an enthusiastic group of volunteers and a wonderful representative from Be The Match Philadelphia the drive was a success! The diverse crowd in attendance, all hoping to contribute to the saving of a life, yielded 54 additions to the registry. As a minor thank you to all who registered, we provided donuts for our donors! The TPR team is exceedingly grateful to everyone who devoted their time and efforts for the life-saving cause!