Skylar Wooten

My name is Skylar Wooten, and I am a Junior attending Klein High School located in Spring, Texas. While attending Klein High, I am on the Varsity tennis team, a member of the student council, the BEST club, Earth Club, and Spanish National Honor Society.  I also volunteer with HOPE worldwide Houston and have served with the HOPE Youth Corps.  Using my enjoyment of tennis and my involvement in B.E.S.T., I am most proud of my work with an organization called Love All which I have helped my sister create.  This program teaches tennis to children that have developmental disabilities.  While the kids play tennis the parents have a class with an expert in the field. Our goal was not to just teach tennis but be an encouragement for the entire family. I have used my relationships in tennis to involve Klein’s tennis team and other schools. We have served over 30 families so far and have enlisted over 100 volunteers.  Love All is now a registered non-profit and we are working on expanding the program. I am extremely excited to be apart of Project Race an organization that addresses the issues and concerns of multiracial young people such as myself.