Project RACE History

Over nine million people declared their multiracial identity on their 2010 Census forms, and that was only for the United States. Those nine million represented only answered one person in each household! The histories of Project RACE and Teen Project RACE are worldwide in scope, and we represent multiracial children, teens, adults, and our families from every continent. Our numbers are far greater than nine million.

Although we currently work mainly within the United States on government and education forms, we are working with businesses outside of this country, as well. The work we are doing in medical and healthcare areas is helping people all over the world. Inquiries come to us worldwide and we hope to enlarge our work and membership to include many other countries. Please read the history of Project RACE and Teen Project RACE; we think you’ll enjoy it!

Project RACE History

Teen Project RACE History

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Makensie McDaniel