Math Bossick

My name is Matheson Bossick, I am a junior at University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio along with Project Race’s Teen President, Karson Baldwin. Throughout my tenure at US, Karson and I have built a strong friendship through spending copious time together both in class and on the field, playing Football for our school.

I have been involved in athletics since the young age of three when I started in gymnastics. Since then I have played many sports, including football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and swimming. Currently, I am a multi-sport athlete that competes in Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, and travel baseball.

As an athlete, sports have taught me many important lessons, including communication, leadership, and respect. On every team, players come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. For any team to work well, the team must bond. These bonds are established through evaluating and promoting each other’s strengths as well as understanding each other’s differences.

In addition to being Cambodian, European, and American by blood, I also include myself to belong to many other ethnicities through marriage. On my father’s side, I have direct Cambodian heritage, but also part Chinese. On my mother’s side, my grandfather remarried to a Puerto Rican woman before I was born and I am strongly connected and involved with that aspect of my family. Being open to so many diverse cultures, I feel as if I represent more ethnic groups and have experiences that no other person would have the opportunity to.