Karson Baldwin

Karson Baldwin is the founder of Project RACE Kids and current president of Project RACE Teens, heading up our youth leadership team. He grew up with Project RACE as both of his older sisters have served as previous youth division presidents. Karson has help minority-focused bone marrow drives and helped launch Multiracial Heritage Week, supported by official proclamations from Governors of 17 U.S. States. Karson interviewed his political hero, Svante Myrick, Mayor of Ithaca, NY and national head of Young Elected Officials, who also issued a formal proclamation to celebrate MHW.

He is the founder of Oné Respé, a relationship-based partnership between immigrant and refugee students at Cleveland’s K-12 International Newcomers Academy and students from local independent schools that aims to achieve mutual integration through language acquisition and friendship. Oné Respé is a Haitian greeting of welcome meaning “honor and respect,” a right everyone deserves, but one that is often robbed from immigrants and refugees. Karson has shared the message of mutuality, honor, and respect on NPR, television morning shows, and as a guest speaker at the Cleveland Metro School District Board Meeting. He will be speaking in October 2019 at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Detroit.

Karson is a junior at University School in Cleveland, Ohio where he is a straight-A student, Karson serves in many leadership roles and plays varsity football and basketball. He’s the recipient of the Gold Aurelian Award for Service and the Scovil Award, given to the student that best embodies the school’s motto, “Responsibility, Loyalty and Consideration.” Karson is also delighted to serve as a GOODdler intern with the United Nations Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action to help bring a youth voice to humanitarian issues facing our world.